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About us

"To bring back the youth of a nation to God through a musical experience"

Music brought us together and a shared vision in Christ has kept us still together! 

PE Live's vision, "to bring back the youth of a nation to God through a musical experience", was borne in the hearts of musically and diversely gifted friends with a strong desire for a change in the way gospel music is perceived by the youth of our generation. These friends set out to introduce the superabundant varieties in gospel music to Ghent and other Belgian cities, and till date the ministry has continued on its thriving journey.

We're a safe space where friends and people of all backgrounds can come and join in the unity of love, faith and passion for gospel music in almost all genres - electro, hip hop, R&B, rock, soul, reggae, heavy metal, classical, alternative, etc. Not only is our music loved by the old, it is as well ardently cherished by the youth!

Our team presently consists of 21 members, 9 of which are our pioneer members, and we've been so blessed to have about 23 very supportive partners (media/light/patrons etc.) whom we are densely grateful for.

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  Our Mission Statement

To form a formidable Christian network in Belgium and beyond.

To present the gospel from a different viewpoint (music, poetry, street choreography, drama, and art).

To identify, train and harness the talent of the youth for the furtherance of the gospel.

To create a social platform for youths of different backgrounds to interact in a more decent way.

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