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Music Director




Joella, a graced minister who believes that music touches the soul quicker than words can. The call to worship is a call she began taking more seriously since the age of 19. Joining PE Live was her way of ceasing an ideal opportunity to minister with her talented brothers and sisters in Christ and she is forever grateful to God for this.



Passionate gospel music minster who began singing from a very young age! Gracia joined PE Live out of a strong desire to be part of a music ministry that is solely devoted to making Christ known to the youth of nations. Her presence in the PE Live family is very essentially felt in the subtle way she spreads love and care to all. 



Like most other PE Live members, Janisted is a singer whose love for music has been existent since the days of her very beginning. The one of a kind alto singer brings her sincere heart of worship to the PE Live family where she makes a great addition to the family at large, and has an unwavering belief in the vision God has given PE Live.



One of the first and strong pillars of PE Live! Jazz, as we normally call her, is a zestful member of the team who sees PE Live's vision as a clear and seasonal one.  The rarity of her commitment to the vision has helped the team's growth in great measures. She joys in making melody unto the Lord and the divine power in the voice with which she does so always distinguishes her.

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"All glory goes to God" is like an anthem for Joline. She raises her praises to God via different musical genres (soul, pop, etc.). At a very young age, she began training her voice and by age 12 she was already a singer with a salient difference. Joline joins in PE Live's conviction that music is one of the effective ways through which we can share Christ's love to the world around us.



A strong believer in the truth that music is like medicine to every soul; like a pleasant calming antidote to rage and brokenness. Papa Gee (his alias in the PE Live family) began singing at the age of 8 but started singing in the church at age 20. He joined PE Live because of his love for spreading the true message of love and peace of Christ through music in splendid and creative ways.



The team's most energetic member! Sincerely zealous and committed to the Kingdom work in PE Live. Joel joined the team in 2019 and has been a remarkable addition since then. While nurturing his music for several years now, he has been steeped in the African-American musical culture. Joining PE Live is one of the best decisions he has ever taken in life; it's been wholly worthwhile.

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Meet Tisha, one of PE Live's most vibrant members. A passionate singer who began nursing her musical talent at a very young age. In addition to her beautiful voice colour, she' loves to rap too! PE Live has been a family to Tisha for several years now and she in turn has been an incredible and valuable member of the family.




Right from childhood in a musical family, Dimma has absolutely been sold out to Christ and the gospel music ministry. PE Live presented gospel music as it ought to be to her in an event in 2017, and in 2019 she joined the ministry after that year's auditions. Dimma has vibrantly remained committed to PE Live's mission since then. 

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Grazuella has been a unique addition to the PE Live family since 2019. The young singer has had music as part of her since her days as a child. From her home country church choir to joining PE Live here in Belgium she has ideally shown commitment to nurturing her singing talent. She joined PE Live because she believes in the ministry's vision.




For Stella, singing is more than just a hobby. The highly talented singer began tending to her talent as a singer very early in life and upon discovering PE Live she joined the ministry because she believes in its vision. In her words, "God gave me the grace to serve Him as a worshiper early in life and my desire is to always keep the flame on". 

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