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An amazing bassist! The vision and heart of service in Christ's Kingdom seen in PE Live is the reason Freddy is part of the team. As a youth fervid about gospel music and the Kingdom work, PE Live is a platform that helps him fulfill such a mandate. He rightly believes that we are called for one thing: proclaiming the praises and excellence of Jesus (1Peter2:9). 




A drummer per excellence! Ike has been playing the drums since his childhood years and has developed his craft so well thus far. His unmatched drumming skills always adds a special perfect effect to the team's music. Ike's main proclivity is to use his instrument to praise Jesus and increase His popularity here on earth.

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Once you see Andrews, it's almost as though you get an instant enlightenment on the fact that his dexterity with the piano is simply stupendous. Like most of our other instrumentalists, Andrews has overtime incorporated an unfeigned dedication to our mandate as Christians into his personal goals as a pianist.

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An extraordinary bassist! The visionary young man started his musical journey with singing, at age 17; after experimenting with different instruments he realized that he had a love for the bass guitar. Ernest longs to worship with his instrument and to inspire others to do the same. In his words, the gospel of Christ is "empowering and refreshing."




Emmanuel brings not just his guitar playing talent to the team but also his amazing singing talent as well. The jocular fellow's presence is strongly felt in the team as he thrives with excellence in getting the entire team laughing no matter the surrounding circumstances. He found a family in PE Live and has remained a wonderful part of it - the family - since he joined in.




Self-taught pianist who has practiced for over 9 years now. In Belgium, he integrated with Charleroi conservatory then the Music Academy of Marchienne-au-pont, and is currently his church's music director. "Kingsley Beats" is a piano teacher, arranger and artistic director in a recording studio. It was the love, unity, motivation and humility he saw in PE Live, after first encountering the ministry as a guest pianist, that made him join the team.  

Music Director
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